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Canon Mirror-less

Canon Mirror-less

What is a mirrorless camera?

Unlike a DSLR, which uses a mirror to reflect light into a viewfinder, mirrorless cameras – sometimes known as compact system cameras – do not contain a mirror or an optical viewfinder, which makes them generally smaller than DSLRs.

Instead of looking through the lens to compose your image via the viewfinder, mirrorless cameras let you preview your shot from a screen on the back of your camera. Despite the differences in design, mirrorless cameras - like DSLRs – still allow you to be creative with lenses.


Mirrorless vs DSLR

While mirrorless cameras have many of the same advantages as DSLR cameras, such as the ability to change lenses, mirrorless cameras have an additional benefit of being much smaller in physical size.

However, DSLR cameras benefit from many years of development, refining the experience and comfort of using a traditional viewfinder. With advanced autofocus systems, these cameras have the ability to capture even the most difficult of subjects.