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Please note that the delivery service is available within Sri Lanka only Transactions performed by Sri Lankans, living in Sri Lanka & using a credit card issued by Sri Lankan Bank:

Delivery will be done within 2-5 working days placing the order

Transactions performed by Sri Lankans or foreigners, using a credit card issued by Foreign Bank:

Delivery will be done within 3-7 working days placing the order

(Due to privilege situation in country this delivery timeline can be changed)
  1. You may specify any special instructions for example, a particular time of delivery, whether it is a surprise order etc. under notes. Special delivery terms where applicable will be highlighted on the web site.

  2. The above service is only available on all working days except on Public, Bank, and Mercantile holidays.

  3. If the product has already reached the delivery process (i.e. the order has been completed and delivery service has picked up the goods) a cancellation cannot be made.

  4. No items would be damaged during transit, unless courier confirms otherwise. Damage claims would be subject to proof and all items undertaken for delivery are assumed to be in good condition as confirmed by representative of the vendor.

  5. Disclaimer: A package may not have been delivered due to one of the following reasons;

    • The address was incorrect.
    • The residents refused to accept the package.
    • Delivery service is not available to specified area.
    • Delivery service does not undertake delivery of specified product.
    • Delivery of certain items to certain areas may not be permitted due to
    • existing law prevalent in the country.


  • Colombo Municipal Council Limits Rs. 125.00 (For delivery and pickup for the first kilo gram)
    70.00 (Each additional kilogram)
  • Western Province (Except Colombo MC areas) Rs. 250.00 (For delivery and pickup for the first kilo gram)
    125.00 (Each additional kilogram)
  • All Other provinces Rs. 500.00 (For delivery and pickup for the first kilo gram)
    250.00 (Each additional kilogram)

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